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7 Reasons the Wild Diet is Grit Fitness Approved!

“The Wild Diet” is currently the endorsed “diet” of Grit Fitness. There are many reasons why, one being that it comes in book or audiobook form and is an easy read. Here are our top 7 favorite reasons you should join us in following the Wild Diet...

  1. Results - Who doesn’t love results. At the end of the day it all comes down to this right? Well, it should, and I’m not talking about the quick fix short term kind so stay with me.

  2. Bacon and Butter - On the Wild Diet you get to eat Bacon and REAL Butter! AND LOSE FAT!!!!! How could it get better than that? The base of the Wild Diet is to eat real food. You learn the truth about processed “carb-age” and the effects that it has on your body and overall health. You also learn where fat comes from and how it’s stored and utilized by your body.

  3. Realistic - The Wild Diet is a diet for normal people. You don’t need to be a nutritionist to understand the concepts and put them into practice. At Grit Fitness you will be surrounded by people who have had the same questions you did when starting out and who are more than happy to help and encourage you.

  4. Lose Fat - The Wild Diet is about fat loss through “Hormone Optimization.” You learn to eat the foods your body was designed to thrive off of and lose weight and enjoy the process.

  5. No Counting Calories - The Wild Diet is about quality over quantity. If you eat real food, you don’t have to worry about counting calories. That’s right, never count calories again.

  6. Great Recipes - The book is full of amazing recipes that are good and good for you! Everything from Chicken Parmesan to Homemade Apple Pie!

  7. Abel James - The man behind the curtain... Abel breaks down the Wild Diet in a way that I’m sure only he could do. Start reading and you will see what I mean. He was recently featured on the ABC television show “My diet is better than yours” and well his diet is better.

More info about the Wild Diet and Abel James can be found here

Here are some before and after pics of our members who did the 40 day Wild Diet challenge.

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