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Q: What kind of classes do you offer?

A: Each day there is a pre-planned workout, the WOD. Each class does the WOD for that specific day. The workouts incorporate bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, suspension trainers and a variety of other functional training equipment. Our workouts are strength based and include work on mobility and endurance. 

Q: I'm out of shape, will I still fit in at Grit Fitness?

A: Absolutely! Grit workouts are designed for all fitness levels and we have all fitness levels at each and every class. We can modify any exercise to fit your abilities and help you safely get stronger and progress.

Q: Can I try out Grit without the commitment of a membership?

A: Yes! And in fact, your first 3 classes are free! We want to make sure we are what you're looking for before you make a commitment! 

Q: After my free classes can I just pay per class?

A: Yes! You can drop into any class, anytime for just $10. Or you can get a punch card that gets you 10 classes for $80  to use whenever you like and it never expires.

Q: How long does a class last?

A: Each class is 1 hour and we warm up at the beginning of each class and decompress at the end.

Q: Do you have classes on the weekend?

A: On Saturdays we have an OCR simulation at 6am and 8am. This is the highlight of a lot of our member week. These classes are not included in the 3 free and are a $15 drop in fee if you are not a member. 

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