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The Grit Games, a renowned annual event, returns for its 7th edition. This year, we're focusing all our energy into a single, exhilarating day of competition that brings together obstacle course racers and hybrid athletes from across the nation. 

A Day of Grit and Challenge:

Prepare for four brutal workouts over the span of one day, designed to highlight your strengths and expose your weaknesses. This isn't just a fun run; this is a competition where rules matter and standards are upheld. Every athlete competing on Saturday will be held to these high standards by a designated judge with a deep understanding of the competition rules.

Saturday: One Day, All the Action:

This year, the event consolidates all the action into a single day. There will be 5 divisions:

  • Men’s Individual

  • Women’s Individual

  • Men’s Team

  • Women’s Team

  • Coed Team

 Anyone can join—all you need is an undeniable dose of GRIT.

The 4 Workouts:

  • Strength Workout: A 20-minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible) that will test your mettle with rigorous physical tasks.

  • Speed Workout: Maintain your pace through demanding sprints and burpees in this Yancy Camp-designed challenge.

  • Obstacle Workout: Navigate through 200 feet of challenging obstacles that require sharp focus and precision.

  • Endurance Workout: Confront your limits in an elimination-style endurance test, designed to push you to your physical and mental edge.

Schedule and Flow of the Day:

The day begins with the opening ceremonies at 7:00 AM sharp, followed by a briefing at 7:30 AM. The first wave for the first event kicks off at 8:00 AM. This year’s structure has been refined based on last year's setup.

The 7th Annual Grit Games:

The Grit Games promises an unforgettable day of competition, drawing participants from all around the country to find out who truly embodies the spirit of GRIT. With this year's refined event structure, The Grit Games continues to push the boundaries of obstacle course racing, emphasizing community, challenge, and personal triumph.

Please Note:

While we always aim to secure live coverage as in previous years, we are still working on arrangements to ensure that those who cannot attend can experience the thrill of the games. Updates on broadcast options will be provided as they become available.

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