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The Rylan Schadegg 8-week Elite Hybrid Race Training Program, tailored for elite athletes, and scaled to intermediate, and beginner levels as well.  This plan prepares participants for races like DekaFit, Deka Mile, Deka Strong, and Hyrox. Incorporating advanced running workouts and functional strength exercises, the program focuses on speed development, strength, muscular endurance, and race specific skills. 

Throughout the plan, athletes engage in speed building interval runs, tempo sessions, aerobic capacity long runs, and targeted strength workouts that emphasize core stability, power development, and muscular endurance. 

Kenny Stanford, Founder and Head Coach at Grit Fitness, and his coaching team contributes mobility and decompression elements, ensuring optimal recovery and injury prevention. If you’re not recovering or staying injury free, you’re not going to get faster. 

With a strategic balance of high-intensity training, active recovery, and rest days, this condensed yet effective program primes athletes for peak performance in hybrid races, under the expert guidance of Rylan Schadegg and the Grit Ftiness coaching staff.

Disclaimer: when choosing a plan, remember not to increase your mileage and just expect your body to handle it. Each plan is very demanding for its skill level, and I do not recommend giant jumps in running mileage, or strength work. If you are wanting to choose the more advanced plans, but are feeling nervous at all about the mileage or anything, cut miles from recovery runs, and swap them for non impact work. Or, do more dynamic stretching to warm up, and less reps or miles in the workouts. Please be honest and aware of your training load, mileage, sleep quality, nutrition, life stress, etc.

NOTE: When selecting a workout plan, it's important to avoid sudden increases in mileage or intensity, as your body may not be prepared to handle the additional stress. Each plan is designed to challenge its respective skill level, so avoid making large jumps in running distance or strength work.

If you're considering a more advanced plan but are concerned about the mileage or intensity, consider the following modifications:

  1. Reduce miles from recovery runs and replace them with low-impact exercises.

  2. Increase dynamic stretching during your warm-up, while reducing reps or miles in the workouts.

Always be mindful of factors that can impact your performance, such as training load, sleep quality, nutrition, and life stress. Self-awareness and honesty are crucial for maintaining a healthy, balanced training approach.

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