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The Discipline Equals Freedom challenge includes Attendance, The Wild Diet(quarterly), and different bonus challenges each month and it kicks off on August 1st. This is the beginning of something great at Grit Fitness! Get in and go hard! You won't regret it.


You accumulate points for different actions such as attendance and being active in the online group and in the monthly bonus challenge. We know that accountability is a huge part of whether or not we're successful in reaching our goals and this is a great way to keep yourself accountable.

The only way your attendance will count is if you SCAN your KEYTAG!

Note: You can still participate in the challenge even if you don't intend to do the quarterly Wild Diet challenge or the monthly bonus challenge. It will just take you longer to accumulate points and reach the next status.


Attendance challenge points system:

Mondays - 2 points

Tuesday through Thursday - 1 point

Friday - 3 points

Saturday - 4 points

Anyone who attends every single class for the month will get 20 bonus points

Points System and Perks:

There will be a shirt that represents each status that you'll get when achieved.

The 4 Statuses:

250 points = Grit Fam Member

750 points = #Goals Member

1500 points = True Grit Member

2500 points = Rhino Member


The attendance challenge will be on going

The Wild Diet challenge will come around once a quarter.

There will be a different bonus challenge each month.

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