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GRIT Toddlers Summer Camp 

We will only have

1 Toddler Camp this summer!

June 11th - 15th / 1pm to 2pm
Enroll your toddler today and guarantee them a spot in our
Grit Toddlers Summer Camp Program!
Limited spots available!
$75 for each additional sibling
Ages 18 Months through 3 Yrs
Grit Toddlers Summer Camp
What is Grit Toddlers Camp?


The class is one hour long Monday-Friday

1pm-2pm June 11-15.

Each student must have an adult with them at all times. If it is not the parent, we will need a signed permission slip with the adult accompanying the child. This class will focus on fun, while learning basic motor skills, flexibility, coordination, balance and strength through various obstacles and strength play. We are excited to add this class to our Grit Kids Summer Camp Schedule and we look forward to working with your little ones.

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