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Introducing the revolutionary Hyper Vest TAC – a tactical weighted vest trainer changing the traditional tactical plate carrier vest into a flexible, comfortable fully weight adjustable weight vest. The Hyperwear Flexible Weight™ vest plates give you a fully adjustable weight load in 1/2 lb increments, so you can use your vest for progressive training without buying multiple sets of iron weight vest plates.

Made in the USA half pound weights are made with 100% recycled USA steel shot and are easily inserted and removed by opening a bottom flap

The small weights and flexible material allows the “plate” to bend, keeping the weight close to your center of gravity for better performance

The Hyper Vest TAC plates have no sharp metal edges to damage the inside of your vest

Flexible allowing for full range of motion

Extra large front mobile phone pocket for convenience

Breathable durable easy care 600D military spec outer fabric

Double thickness shoulder padding and padded mesh against body

Purchase either the 20lb or 40lb version and adjust downwards in 1/2 increments as needed

Total weight, with 2 lb vest, is 22 lbs or 42 lbs

Remove 1/2 lb weights for an exact MURPH Challenge spec of 20 lbs or 14 lbs

Adjustable belt and shoulder pads for best fit one size fits most


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